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TOTM on Corap: Where does it stand now?

TOTM/TEHTM (Trioctyl trimellitate, or tris(2-ethylhexyl)trimellitate) is a non-migrating plasticizer with excellent elevated temperature properties. In every application where migration is a concern, TOTM can limit these concerns due to its permanent character. Most commonly applied areas are medical devices, cables and wires. TOTM is also beloved for automotive and in-house applications due to its outstanding […]

Continuous battle against DEHP drives demand for alternative plasticizers for PVC in medical

Early this month, Denmark proposed four phthalates to be identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs) for their endocrine disrupting properties for human health and the environment. Member State Committee subsequently agreed that the endocrine disrupting properties of DEHP indeed cause concern for the environment. With the series of activities that Denmark has embarked […]

EU phthalate flap pushes industry to innovate

Source: Plastics Today By Karen Laird Published: August 5th, 2014 When in 2012, Denmark announced plans to ban DEHP, DBP, DIBP and BBP phthalates…

2014 More of the same?

2013 was a challenging year in the dynamic plasticizer industry. On the regulatory front there was good news for DINP. After extensive research and consultation ECHA concluded that no further restrictions are needed, basically declaring this phthalate plasticzer safe for use in all existing applications. However things are never easy and more confusion was created […]

Update on TOTM Substance Evaluation

Oxea is manufacturing Oxsoft TOTM for several uses including medical devices. The excellent migration properties of TOTM make this molecule highly suitable for this type of application. TOTM is already used for years in medical devices, mainly medical tubing, and we see an increased demand for TOTM in this area because of concerns regarding DOP. […]

Will DOP price hikes and supply issues mean the end for DOP in EU?

DOP prices are already for months at an unhealthy low level. Everybody who can do the math can see that nobody is making money with producing and selling DOP. On the other hand we have the higher phthalates and off course the phthalate free alternatives which are trying to gain market share aggressively. One of […]

Are all phthalates bad?

The simple answer on this question is NO! If one would ask if all phthalates are safe the answer becomes a bit more complicated. This depends on what kind phthalate plasticizer we are talking about, which application and very important the potential migration of the plasticizer.

PVC & Plasticizers: What, Where & Why