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Critical aspects of plasticizer production (cont’d): Quality + Safety = Priority

All parts of our plant infrastructure are carefully and regularly inspected, especially for issues that can compromise the production. The reactor and the filtration system are the important parts of the plant needing regular inspection. Speaking of incident management – if an incident might occur, there is an emergency plan in place. All our employees […]

Critical aspects of plasticizer production: a plant manager’s perspective

As the plant manager of OXEA’s Amsterdam Ester Plant, I have high safety standards, excellent product quality and availability as my top priorities. Most of our esters are sold as plasticizers. Depending on the business, industrial and technical requirements of our customers, there are various quality requirements that our plasticizers must meet. In my routine, […]

OXEA plans capacity increase for plasticizer OXSOFT® GPO

OXSOFT® GPO (Dioctyl Terephthalate – DOTP)

Eastman Chemical Company launches new non-phthalate plasticizer

Will phthalates be banned? Brand under attack

In May the French parliament surprisingly passed a bill which proposes to ban phthalate plasticizers. The bill is not a law yet and it is very unlikely this will eventually happen due to lack of support by government and senate. However enough damage already has been done. The fact that bills like this are proposed […]

Phthalate-free-plasticizers outperform traditional phthalates

A product can be greener or safer but performance and price continue to be main drivers. Even though a product like DOP is under much pressure and “safer” alternatives do exist, a lot of users stick to this product and other phthalates because of its performance and price. Users of traditional phthalates like DOP and […]

Availability of phthalate-free-plasticizers

In 2010 demand recovery happened much quicker as expected. Global PVC demand improved significantly but was still not at 2007 levels. One of the striking events in 2010 was the lack of raw materials. Producer could even have produced more if only they had the needed raw materials. Due to a combination of booming demand […]

PVC & Plasticizers: What, Where & Why