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BPA, phthalate exposure may cause fertility problems

Ortho-phthalates versus terephthalates

Orto-phthalates Phthalate plasticizers like DOP and DINP are produced using phthalic anhydride (picture) Phthalic anhydride is obtained by oxidation of ortho-xylene In chemistry the term phthalates¬† is used to mean ortho-phthalates ¬† Terephthalates DOTP and PET bottles are produced using purified terephthalic acid (picture) Purified terephthalic acid is produced by oxidation of para-xylene Terephthalates do […]

Phthalate-free, what does it actually mean??

Although the term phthalate-free is getting more airplay every day there seems to be some confusion what actually phthalate-free means. I will try to provide a simple and clear description. We are talking about plasticizers and chemically these are mostly esters. An ester is nothing more than an acid reacting with alcohol creating an ester […]

PVC & Plasticizers: What, Where & Why