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Update on TOTM Substance Evaluation

Oxea is manufacturing Oxsoft TOTM for several uses including medical devices. The excellent migration properties of TOTM make this molecule highly suitable for this type of application. TOTM is already used for years in medical devices, mainly medical tubing, and we see an increased demand for TOTM in this area because of concerns regarding DOP. […]

New products launched: OXSOFT DUO 1 & 2 & test results

Today OXEA launched two new products called OXSOFT DUO 1 & OXSOFT DUO 2. Customer feedback was the main driver behind the development of these new products. As reported before in this blog one of the main issues at the moment is to limit migration of plasticizers. Plasticizers are used to make PVC flexible and if the […]

Sceptical about BIO….it is all about migration

Concerns about negative health impact of phthalates are driving the change towards phthalate free plasticizers. Regardless if these concerns are true, a switch is happening as we speak (please see previous blogs stating phthalates are not proven to be dangerous, they just have a bad image). But if you think about it every chemistry can […]

Are all phthalates bad?

The simple answer on this question is NO! If one would ask if all phthalates are safe the answer becomes a bit more complicated. This depends on what kind phthalate plasticizer we are talking about, which application and very important the potential migration of the plasticizer.

PVC & Plasticizers: What, Where & Why