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Plastics and medical devices – technical properties in a historical perspective

Content contributed by Tobias Johnsen, MA, writer of PVC Med Alliance. Imagine a world without plastics. The computer on your desktop, the TV on your wall and the credit card in your wallet would not exist. The car you drive would weigh more and have worse mileage, and though your smartphone may have an exterior made […]

Plasticizer migration in medical devices

In general plasticizers can migrate out of PVC causing health concerns. In sensible applications therefore OXEA would recommend using plasticizers which show the least migration. This is the main reason TOTM is replacing DOP in some medical applications. In medical devices not only PVC is used, also ABS, acrylic, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene are being used. […]

Arkema to shutdown DOP production in March 2014. DOP supply in immediate danger!

Arkema will stop their DOP production in March 2014! Taking all the press releases the main reason for this seems mainly to be the continous pressure on the PA market. This market is oversupplied and with a low demand situation making some profit with this product is a challenge too much. In Chauny Arkema operates […]

Danish to phase out phthalates in medical devices

On 27th of June the Danish Ministry of Health announced that the use of classified phthalates in medical devices should be phased out. “We fully endorse Minister of Health Astrid Krag’s desire together with the other EU countries to phase out the classified phthalates from medical devices. We are in the Danish medical device industry […]

PVC & Plasticizers: What, Where & Why