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Continuous battle against DEHP drives demand for alternative plasticizers for PVC in medical

Early this month, Denmark proposed four phthalates to be identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs) for their endocrine disrupting properties for human health and the environment. Member State Committee subsequently agreed that the endocrine disrupting properties of DEHP indeed cause concern for the environment. With the series of activities that Denmark has embarked […]

Eastman Plasticizer Expansion Complete

KINGSPORT, Tenn., September 18, 2014 – Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) has completed a previously announced capacity expansion of its Eastman 168™ non-phthalate plasticizers at its …

EU phthalate flap pushes industry to innovate

Source: Plastics Today By Karen Laird Published: August 5th, 2014 When in 2012, Denmark announced plans to ban DEHP, DBP, DIBP and BBP phthalates…

Promising future for DOTP

Only 5 years ago the European market for DOTP was estimated at a moderate 10kt. Since then a lot happened in the European plasticizer market and the volume did grow a tenfold at least.. The continious pressure on phthalates did move more and more customers to switch to (ortho)phthalate free plasticizers. At the beginning only […]

OXEA plans capacity increase for plasticizer OXSOFT® GPO

OXSOFT® GPO (Dioctyl Terephthalate – DOTP)

2014 More of the same?

2013 was a challenging year in the dynamic plasticizer industry. On the regulatory front there was good news for DINP. After extensive research and consultation ECHA concluded that no further restrictions are needed, basically declaring this phthalate plasticzer safe for use in all existing applications. However things are never easy and more confusion was created […]

2012 Review

With 2012 coming to an end it is a good time to make up the balance and review a few high- and lowlights. For the whole PVC and plasticizer industry 2012 was a perhaps disappointing year. It was not a crisis year but certainly not a year of great recovery either. Although the industry as […]

More suppliers emerging for DOTP

Yesterday polish ZAK announced to start offering and producing DOTP. This phthalate free general purpose plasticizer is growing fast in volume and is taking share from DOP but also increasingly from DINP. Eastman Chemical was the first company offering this plasticizer and is continuously increasing their capacity through both capacity extensions and acquisitions. OXEA was […]

Ortho-phthalates versus terephthalates

Orto-phthalates Phthalate plasticizers like DOP and DINP are produced using phthalic anhydride (picture) Phthalic anhydride is obtained by oxidation of ortho-xylene In chemistry the term phthalates  is used to mean ortho-phthalates   Terephthalates DOTP and PET bottles are produced using purified terephthalic acid (picture) Purified terephthalic acid is produced by oxidation of para-xylene Terephthalates do […]

Is a pineapple also an apple?

OXSOFT GPO is a phthalate free plasticizer chemically also known as Di-Octyl-TerePhthalate (DOTP). Some confusion is understandable if this plasticizer is phthalate free or not because of the chemical name. It is common in chemistry to use the term phthalates for substances which are actually ortho-phthalates Terephthalates are not considered to be (ortho-)phthalates, like pineapples are not considered to be […]

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