OXSOFT L9TM replacing C8C10 trimellitates

Stable availability and performance are key requirement for plasticizers used in automotive applications. Globally there is plenty of plasticizer capacity available. However some key raw materials do have structural limitations.

Linear alcohols in general and linear alcohols of chain length 8 and 10 in specific do have availability constraints. Both the natural as well as petrochemical derived alcohols are not produced on purpose. They are part of a stream and can even be considered as byproducts. For the current producers the 8 and 10 chain length linear alcohols are not their main goal, they will not adapt the output of those alcohols if demand changes. Their main driver are other higher chain length alcohols and therefore there is a structural misconnect between supply and demand.
OXEA recognized this structural misconnect and launched on purpose produced linear 9 alcohols. This product, n-nononal, can replace the mix of linear 8 and 10 alcohols one to one, and can also replace linear 8 alcohols.

The ester made of this product in turn can replace the trimellitates of C8C10 alcohols. Both the alcohol and the ester are globally available. This offers our customers a dedicated source with plenty of capacity. Although that testing can take significant time in automotive applications we are seeing good results and the performance of the linear 9 trimellitate is similar as the C8C10 trimellitate.

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