2014 Product Leadership Award – Why OXEA?

After Frost & Sullivan today officially announced OXEA to be the recipient of the 2014 Product Leadership Award for its non-phthalate plasticizers, we have received applauses and congratulations from our industry customers. This is a significant recognition of what OXEA has accomplished – so, how did we make it actually?

According to Frost & Sullivan, “OXEA has demonstrated commitment to differentiation and competence in the European plasticizers market. Product quality, performance, and reliability are key areas where the company has excelled.

As continuously reported on our blog, we monitor the industry trends extremely closely and adapt our effort to always focus on what’s needed by the industry. Most importantly, our continuous product development efforts have been recognized by our customers.

This is also the reason why Frost & Sullivan stressed, “OXEA’s relentless customer-centric approach in all activities from product development to product delivery and service, coupled with its backward integration into raw material manufacturing and ensuring timely delivery of products to customers has propelled the company to the forefront of European plasticizers market.

Receiving the award means that we have achieved one of the several milestones and are being recognized. It also means that we must continue the efforts around R&D, quality enhancement and customer satisfaction assurance, in order to continuously excel and prove our true competencies.

For more information on this leadership award, please click here.

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