Critical aspects of plasticizer production (cont’d): Quality + Safety = Priority

All parts of our plant infrastructure are carefully and regularly inspected, especially for issues that can compromise the production. The reactor and the filtration system are the important parts of the plant needing regular inspection.

Speaking of incident management – if an incident might occur, there is an emergency plan in place. All our employees at the plant are informed, trained and well-prepared for timely and professional reaction to incident situations. The shift lead-operator will have the responsibility of managing the incident onsite. He can decide to solve the problem himself or to scale-up to management, depending on the severity of the situation. Outside help can also be called upon if needed, including the fire department, medical assistance (i.e. ambulances) or support from the main office in Oberhausen.

Although we keep preparing for any situation, I am proud to say that our plant in Amsterdam is free of any notifiable incident for 13 years!

oxea plant amsterdam

Like most chemical companies, a lot of focus is given to improving the efficiently of our production. This includes reduction of waste streams and energy.

Waste products at the Amsterdam Ester Plant come from different sources, including the raw materials themselves (i.e. packaging), the processes (i.e. filtration of additives) and minor waste, such as laboratory waste. All of our waste is handled by an official waste disposal company and depending on its nature, it can be either recycled, such as pallets and bags, or used during the production of energy .

Regarding waste water treatment – water is first treated in a specialized part of the plant. There, process water is separated from insoluble liquids. Sequentially, the water is pumped to the municipal water treatment facility in Amsterdam. There the water is cleaned similar to the normal household waste water.

Within the 2 blog series I’ve shared some of the critical components of my work. Of course, there are other interesting projects, such as finding ways to improve and increase production capacity, the introduction of new products and other strategic topics to guarantee a bright future for the Amsterdam Ester Plant. I’d definitely like to share some more personal experience and knowledge in the near future!

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