PVC & plasticizers for healthcare

Yesterday, the members of PVC Med Alliance were again grouped in Brussels to review activities for advocating PVC’s contribution to healthcare, including an ongoing PVC recycling project in hospitals in the UK. I am glad to be a part of the team and to see the continuous enthusiasm and engagement of the industry experts, coming together to discuss critical issues and encourage more PVC sustainability projects.

The use of PVC in healthcare has a long standing position in history. Because DEHP, a phthalate used in PVC, has raised increasing concerns, the recent conference in Denmark, “Alternatives to classified phthalates in medical devices,” was conducted to discuss alternatives for DEHP. In the closing remarks, the necessity of presence of PVC is well-recognized because of the favorable properties that PVC offers. It is undoubtedly that PVC will continue to play a key role in medical treatments and suitable alternatives to DEHP are required.

Thanks to PVC Med Alliance for its diligence in advocacy. Aside from better educating the industrial and general audience the value of PVC, it is also a part of our mission to closely monitor the changing world of regulations. This includes regulations concerning PVC and plasticizers across different industries. We have done so and will continue to update this blog & the plasticizer news, sharing key regulatory movements!


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