Arkema to shutdown DOP production in March 2014. DOP supply in immediate danger!

Arkema will stop their DOP production in March 2014! Taking all the press releases the main reason for this seems mainly to be the continous pressure on the PA market. This market is oversupplied and with a low demand situation making some profit with this product is a challenge too much. In Chauny Arkema operates both PA and DOP production. Arkema is and was the main DOP producer in Europe. Certainly with regard to supplying the medical market Arkema is by far the most significant supplier.
DOP demand in Europe is declining for years now already,however the medical market was still strong and stable. DOP is under pressure but still has a signicant share in medical applications, especially in blood bags.
So far a lot of customers did resist change and did stick to DOP. However with the danger of not getting DOP anymore customers will decide to change the sooner the better.
DOP is already being replaced by other plasticizers in medical applications. For example TOTM did replace DOP in medical tubes. The combination of contineous regulatory pressure and now the uncertain supply situation will for sure motivate DOP customers to make a switch now. In most applications customers did already do their homework and did approve alternative plasticizers. Customers did stick to DOP because it was available, working well and alternatives were more expensive.

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