Danish to phase out phthalates in medical devices

On 27th of June the Danish Ministry of Health announced that the use of classified phthalates in medical devices should be phased out.

“We fully endorse Minister of Health Astrid Krag’s desire together with the other EU countries to phase out the classified phthalates from medical devices. We are in the Danish medical device industry advanced in phasing out classified phthalates in our products, and we will in the European association of medical device industries be advocating for a European phase out with a reasonable phase-out period. We have encouraged Astrid Krag to express the desire to phase out the use of classified phthalates in the negotiations on the new rules for medical devices, and we are very happy about the Minister’s positive opinion. We are also with great enthusiasm joining a collaboration project to identify new development and growth potential for phthalate-free medical devices “, said Peter Huntley, Director of Medicoindustrien .

PVC has a long and proven track record in the medical industry and at this time phthalate free plasticizers are available to replace the so called classified phthalates, which basically means DOP.
We already saw DOP being phased out in medical devices for some time now and this initiative will probably give another boost. PVC will remain the polymer of choice due to its proven performance, and also not unimportant, being most cost competitive. This will simply mean a further boost for the growth of phthalate free plasticizers.

The press release does state by the way that the goal is not to prohibit the use of clasisifed phthalates in medical devices because in particular cases this is not possible.

The question is what this will do with the future of DOP….medical devices is still a very important outlet for DOP and if it falls away one should wonder if this will mean the end of DOP…at least in the EU…

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