EU market flooded by DOTP…and more to come

As expected the big winner, so far, of the move towards phthalate free plasticizers is DOTP. This general purpose plasticizer shows an enormous growth and the growth curve seems to be even accelerating. It also looks if every day a new supplier/producer of DOTP emerges. Not so long ago the EU market size was moderate and supply was dominated by imports out USA, Korea and Turkey. OXEA was the first local EU supplier followed by ZAK, Ineos, Proviron and the list expands almost monthly. On top of that multiple producers in Turkey also launched DOTP and are entering the EU market.

This is all good news for customers who want to have a phthalate free plasticizer.
Finally the available EU capacity seems to be enough to enable a switch.

The expanding number of suppliers also ensures that competition is available and prices remain competitive. Although there seems to be enough capacity for producing DOTP, more capacity will come available. OXEA will start producing DOTP in second half of 2013 in Oberhausen, Germany, also, then having two plants producing DOTP in Europe.

Eastman did introduce DOTP years ago and was for a long time the sole supplier in the USA. Just recently BASF also launched DOTP in North America increasing the availability and with that also increasing the numbers of customers wanting to make the switch towards phthalate free.
DOTP demand in Asia was already huge and the number of suppliers sufficient but even in this region more capacity is coming online quickly and in more than sufficient quantities.

Taking this all into account nothing can stop DOTP becoming the winner of the phthalate free movement.

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