Phthalate free and bio based main trends

This week I attended the PVC Formulation conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. This conference gives a nice hollistic view of what kind of issues our customers are facing. This conference is not only around plasticizers but also around PVC itself, stabilizers and other additives.
In all presentations where plasticizers were mentioned it was eye-catching that terms like phthalate free and bio based were mentioned without any exception. It seems the industry did reckognize these trends are not going away and suppliers need to adapt their strategy.
Even the big major players are now moving in this direction. Evonik did announce to build a plant to produce hydrogenated DINP in Marl, Germany, and did publish a press release announcing phthalate free and even bio based plasticizers in the near future.
BASF, the market leader for hydrogenated DINP, did also recently launch DOTP in North America. Meaning now being able to offer 2 different kinds of general purpose phthalate free plasticizers.
Proviron and Petrom are working together to introduce bio based plasticizers in Europe, the PLS Green Range. From first sight those plasticizers have a promising performance and it is without a doubt that bio based plasticizers in general will get a bigger market share in future.
The bottomline is that the major trends of moving to phthalate free and/or bio based seems to be reinforced, both by customer demand and also by suppliers offering these products.

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    kindly inform what is phthalate free in simple words

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