Increasing capacity for phthalate free plasticizers

The biggest hurdle for growing the market share of phthalate free plasticizers is not price, nor is it the technical performance of the different products. The biggest hurdle to take is simply the available production capacity for phthalate free plasticizers. Alhough the market is moving quickly to phthalate free variants, demand is even higher and surpasses the available capacity at the moment.

After the mechanical completion of a new state of the art plasticizer plant in Oberhausen, Germany, OXEA is now ramping up production. OXEA currently has three (3) production plants dedicated to phthalate free plasticizers. One plant in Amsterdam and two plants (2) in Oberhausen. The total capacity for phthalate free plasticizers is now around 70kt/ year. All three plants are able to make a range of different products. Additionally a multi-purpose derivatives plant is being built in Nanjing, China, which will be able to also product phthalate free plasticizers.

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