TOTM replacing DOP in medical applications

For years and years DOP (=DEHP) has been the most dominant plasticizer being used in medical applications. In the case of blood bags it was, and still is, the only plasticizer being used. So far blood bags are still predominantly being made with DOP.
Although the media and some NGO’s keep building pressure on DOP nobody can deny the good performance DOP had in blood bags the last 40 (!) years and it says enough that no other formulation is widely being used that can offer the same safety and shelf life of the blood bags.

Nevertheless we see a signifcant shift away from DOP in other medical applications. Especially in medical tubes producers seem to switch to TOTM. There are a couple of reasons for this. First being the labelling of DOP and the concerns about the image of DOP. The second has to do with availability of DOP now and in the future. The third, and perhaps most interesting reason has to do with performance. TOTM offers an extreme low migration profile. It clearly outperforms DOP on this aspect. Also the availabitliy of TOTM is re-assuring for potential users. There are multiple dedicated and integrated suppliers of TOTM. From both a performance point of view as well as availability TOTM has good chances to continue expanding its share in medical applications.

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