New products launched: OXSOFT DUO 1 & 2 & test results

Today OXEA launched two new products called OXSOFT DUO 1 & OXSOFT DUO 2.
Customer feedback was the main driver behind the development of these new products. As reported before in this blog one of the main issues at the moment is to limit migration of plasticizers.
Plasticizers are used to make PVC flexible and if the plasticizer migrates this will have a negative effect on product quality. Very simply said one can state that limiting migration of plasticizers increases sustainability of the end product. Sustainability is a key theme and plasticizers are needed who can increase sustainability.

Another related aspect is safety. When a plasticizer migrates, or stronger said, leakes out of an end product this can have effect on health. For instance if you take PVC wallcovering you do not want to have plasticizers leaking out, this will have an effect on air quality.
Safety and Sustainability are related and are both key themes and are the drivers behind new product development.

TOTM is a well known and long existing plasticizers and has excellent migration resistance, it bascially does not migrate. TOTM is being used in more and more medical application simply because it does not migrate. The challenge with TOTM and other non migrating plasticizers is that they are difficult to process. Normally those are big molecules with a high visoctiy which are just very difficult to process.
OXSOFT DUO 1 & 2 do exactly tackle this problem. They have an excellent migration profile but are still easy to process

Please find some test results below, our brochure is updated and online shortly:

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