New low migration but easy to process plasticizers to be launched soon….

We continue to see traditional phthalate plasticiters being replaced by phthalate free plasticizers. Besides that we also see clear and increasing attention for bio based products.
However, as already mentioned before, the real issue is migration and nothing else.
If a plasiticizer is leaking out of the end product nobody is happy and nobody will argue this is good for health…even not when the plasticizer is phthalate-free or 100% bio based.
Migration in a way is also the same as VOC… Migrating plasticizers can be identified as VOC and there is a clear move towards reducing VOC’s mainly becausing their negative influence on air qlty.

There are already plasticizers available which do not migrate and therefore see a growing demand. You have to think about TOTM in medical applications for instance. All those non-migrating plasticizers, roughly said, are very big molecules, who by their nature, will not migrate. The negative aspect about this is that big molecules are quite often too difficult to process. A further aspect is that those molecules have a high costs making them not suitable for cost sensitive applications like wall covering and artificial leather.

Early July we will launch new products which will feature:
– excellent migration profile
– easy to process
– phthalate free
– less then 20% more expensive than the most cost effective general purpose plasitizers which do not feature low migration at all
Keep an eye on the news for further updates….

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