Sceptical about BIO….it is all about migration

Concerns about negative health impact of phthalates are driving the change towards phthalate free plasticizers. Regardless if these concerns are true, a switch is happening as we speak (please see previous blogs stating phthalates are not proven to be dangerous, they just have a bad image).

But if you think about it every chemistry can have a negative impact on health if it comes into contact, in too high dosages, with the human body, regardless if it is a phthalate or not.

So the real issue is perhaps not being a phthalate but the migration of chemicals.

We see this trend clearly in areas like construction and automotive. Trends are clearly going towards non-VOC, lower fogging, low emission…, all expressions for one and the same thing: migration.

If we take the move away from phthalates and the concerns about migration in general we will see a move towards plasticizers which are less or non-migrating and which are phthalate free.

And what about bio plasticizers? If the bio plasticizers do not have a better migration profile than their petrochemical counterparts why should customers switch? How do you sell such thing? Yes, there is more plasticizer leaking out of the tubes, but no worries, it is a bio plasticizer…? And, no sorry we cannot tell you what is exactly the chemistry because this is proprietary…also we do not know the long term effect, but hey, no worries it is bio.

Somehow I have doubts this will really trigger a lot of sales, unless the migration profile is really better than the existing petrochemical counterparts.

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