More suppliers emerging for DOTP

Yesterday polish ZAK announced to start offering and producing DOTP. This phthalate free general purpose plasticizer is growing fast in volume and is taking share from DOP but also increasingly from DINP.

Eastman Chemical was the first company offering this plasticizer and is continuously increasing their capacity through both capacity extensions and acquisitions.

OXEA was and still is the first and only EU producer of this chemical. OXEA is branding he product under the name OXSOFT GPO

It is expected the number of EU suppliers will increase in the near term.

The emerging of more (local) DOTP suppliers will give more security of supply to potential users of this plasticizer. This will be a strong argument for choosing for DOTP as the successor of phthalate plasticizers like DOP and DINP in environments where customers are demanding phthalate free products.

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