Market is ready to switch to phthalate-free plasticizers, no reason to stick to the past

The shift towards phthalate-free plasticizers is coming up to speed and gaining momentum rapidly. Besides an already existing push effect, a pull towards phthalate free plasticizers is growing in strength.
Mainly the bad image of phthalates in general and the on-going negative publicity is driving a push towards phthalate free solutions. I already mentioned the discrepancy between facts and feelings in previous blogs. Not all phthalates are the same and application and possible migration are critical factors which almost nobody takes into account. Instead of looking to the detailed facts the main discussion is simplified towards one simple question: phthalates good or bad? And the answer is bad…

Marketeers should understand that it is almost impossible to change public opinion and some companies are recognizing this customer trend and are consequently offering phthalate free products. In the end that is their job: identify and find ways to full fill customer demand.
If you look to the supply side of phthalate free plasticizers one can see that much is happening. Phthalate free plasticizers were always seen as a niche, the available capacity was limited and they were perceived as too expensive. This all changed. Phthalate free plasticizers were always used in more specialised applications. The bigger volumes were and still are dominated by the so called general purpose plasticizers. General purpose plasticizers are cost effective plasticizers which are good all-round performers, a sort of one solution for all problems idea. DOP is a general purpose plasticizer and is still referred to as a good performing, cost effective product. This is exactly what was missing in the phthalate free product range: a good, cost effective, general purpose plasticizer.
With the launch of OXSOFT GPO a good, cost effective, general purpose and phthalate free plasticizer enters the stage. However more similar products already do exist. There is a good offer of general purpose but phthalate free plasticizers available. Also the available capacity for these products is increasing significantly. The increasing availability of general purpose phthalate free plasticizers is creating a pull effect and convincing more customers for making the change. Security of supply is increasing every day and phthalate free plasticizers are becoming less niche and more mainstream.  The increased availability of phthalate free general purpose plasticizers is giving customers a true alternative and excuses for not making the change are becoming scarce…not even the additional cost can be a valid excuse.
The costs for phthalate free general purpose plasticizers are around 10% higher than the general purpose phthalates. If you assume that a typical compound uses around 30% plasticizers the extra costs for making a phthalate free product is only 3%.
If we are really concerned about phthalates 3% extra costs should not stop us making the change happen!

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