Will phthalates be banned? Brand under attack

In May the French parliament surprisingly passed a bill which proposes to ban phthalate plasticizers. The bill is not a law yet and it is very unlikely this will eventually happen due to lack of support by government and senate. However enough damage already has been done.

The fact that bills like this are proposed and even passed is the hard evidence and consequence of the bad image phthalates have. Producers of phthalates can only react, explain and hope the public takes the effort to become better informed of the differences between all types of phthalates. I can only guess but did everybody voted for this ban really know all the details? I am in favour of phthalate free plasticizers but I would not support this kind of bill because of lack of consistent and undisputed scientific evidence and because I realize not all phthalates are the same and risk of migration is linked to application. The point is; will consumers really look for more detail if not even politicians seem to do this?

If phthalates was a brand name the brand equity, the value of a brand, would be significantly damaged by the French parliament passing this bill. Off course this further boosts the demand for phthalate free products. Nobody wants to be associated with phthalates.
The brand phthalates is under attack and the new brand phthalate free is automatically increasing its brand equity. Really banning is not needed for this, only announcing plans or ideas will do.

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