Phthalate-free-plasticizers outperform traditional phthalates

A product can be greener or safer but performance and price continue to be main drivers. Even though a product like DOP is under much pressure and “safer” alternatives do exist, a lot of users stick to this product and other phthalates because of its performance and price.

Users of traditional phthalates like DOP and DINP would prefer to have a one-to-one replacement with regard to performance. Preferably at the same costs, or even better, at lower costs. The performance and price level of the currently used phthalate plasticizers are used as a benchmark for any alternative. Phthalate-free plasticizers do have the image of offering less performance for higher costs. Not a surprise that in the past the transition to phthalate-free products did not gained momentum.

Not all phthalate-free plasticizers are “niche” products only relevant for exotic applications. Products like DOA, TOTM and GPO do already exist for years and have a significant and established market size. Integrated producers do offer these products at competitive prices being very close to the traditional phthalates. Yes, a premium exists but looking to the actual performance this seems justified.
TOTM for instance is a non migrating plasticizer suited best for sensible applications. This product also outperforms all traditional phthalates in high temperature applications. DOA is the most efficient plasticizer and best in class in low temperatures applications. For general purpose applications GPO is more efficient, and therefore more cost effective, than DINP.

These products may not be simple one-to-one replacements. Sometimes reformulation is needed. However these products do offer performance benefits and will enable users to offer phthalate-free formulations to their customers. With some effort a double win is possible: being able to offer phthalate-free products and gain performance benefits at the same time!

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  1. Ayaz's Gravatar Ayaz
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    Dear Sir
    I am from India manufactures of plastisol ink i want to know that DOA plasticizers is phthalates free or not

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    Dear Sir,

    I am from India manufacturers of label. want to know is DOP is phthalates free or not

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